Alfa Romeo Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

Alfa Romeo Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

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We can supply 400ml aerosols or tins of cellulose paint ranging from 250ML to 5 LITRES.
The paint provided will be in cellulose for solid non metallic Classic Car Colours.

vehicle paint colours from 1945 and if yours is not listed please call us on all you may find it in the table below. Autopaints Brighton has a record of the majority of original paint and colour codes for cars and commercial vehicles manufactured since 1945. Our technical department can research and provide you with the correct paint colour code for most vintage or classic vehicle restoration projects as they keep archived documents relating to Alfa Romeo If you need to find the car paint colour code for your vintage or classic  The service is totally FREE, but ask that you allow up to 3 working days for us to research your code.01273 326981  or email us at

If you already know the correct paint code for your vehicle and would like to purchase a classic or vintage colour please use the menu below to select the exact paint colour and amount of paint required. 


Name of Colour Paint Code Year    Name of Colour Paint Code Year 
BEIGES       BLUES    

Beige Cava




Aqua Di Fonte

 AR505  67-69
Beige Chiaro AR827/835 72-77   Aqua Di Fonte AR701 65-77
Beige Chiaro AR835 77   Azzurro Egeo AR680 78
Beige Cipria AR839


  Azzurro Iseo  AR320 66-77 
Beige Cipria  AR840  78-79   Azzuro Le Mans  AR348  72-80
Beige Cuma  AR832  74-77  

Azzurro Polizia

 AR358  76
Beige Fonza  AR830  72-75   Azzurro Spazio  AR330  63-68
Bronzo  AR824  78   Blu  AR323  69-75
Bruno Cilento  AR834  76-77   Blu Chiaro  AR337  69-72
Bruno Cilento/RD  AR834  76   Blu Cobalto  AR324  65
Bruno Fondo  AR800  67-69   Blu Cobalto  AR508  68-79
Bruno Fondo  AR818  67   Blu Cobalto/BL  AR508  67-69
Grigio Beige  AR708  68-69   Blu Franica  AR207/342  68-73
Luci Del Bosco  AR524  78-79   Blu Helvetia  AR315  65-69
Marone Visone


 66-77   Blu Medio  AR312  65-71
Marrone  AR825  72-75   Blu medio  AR347  72-75
Marrone Testa Di Moro AR841/846   78   Blu Medio  AR511  65-72
Marrone Testa Di Moro/YW  AR841/846  78   Blu Olandese  AR343  68
Marrone Testa Di Moro/BR  AR847  78   Blu Pervinca  AR349  72-77
Marrone Testa Di Moro/YW  AR847  78   Blu Pininfarina/RD   AR323  67-75
Oro  AR826 72    Blu Posillipo  AR355  73-82
GREENS       Blu Procida  AR353  72-77
Verde  AR224  72-75   Blu Zagato  AR328  70-73
Verde Faito/LT  AR231  74-77   Bluette  AR327/208  66-72
Verde Inglese  AR219  71-75   Bluette/BL/GN/GR  AR327/208  66-72
Verde Ischia  AR230  72-77   Celeste  AR513  63-71
Verde Italia    67-68   Celeste Chiaro  AR359 78 
Verde Matesse/YW  AR232  74-77   Celeste Chiaro  AR360  78
Verde Medio  AR233  71-75   GREYS    
Verde Muschio/DK  AR209  65-77   Antracite Inglese  AR736  69-72
Verde Muschio Chiaro/DL AR227 72-77 Grigio AR620 78
Verde Oliva/YW AR213 65-76 Grigio Alba/LT AR703 65-66
Verde Oliva/BL  AR235  75   Grigio Anthracite  AR746  77-78
Verde Pino  AR216  66-77   Grigio Bianco  AR702  63-69
Verde Scuro  AR227  69-77   Grigio Chiaro  AR222  69-76
Verdone AR238 78 Grigio Chiaro AR727/737 68-78
Verdone  AR239  78   Grigio Chiaro  AR748  77
        Grigio Coupe  AR246  63-68
        Grigio Escoli  AR740  71-75
        Grigio Graphite/BL/RD/YW AR705  63-69 
Grigio Indaco AR735 63-69
Grigio Indaco AR753 68
Grigio Medio/GN/RD AR728 68-78
Grigio Nisida AR743 74-77
Grigio Somma/GN?YW AR745 75-78
Grigio Vesuvio AR742 72-75
Nero Ar905 79

Please note that cellulose products are for industrial use and for vintage/classic cars only. Please state the purpose of use and vehicle registration number if you are painting a classic vehicle.


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