DAF Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

DAF Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

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DAF - WE CAN SUPPLY CLASSIC OR VINTAGE PAINT IN either a 400ml AEROSOL or in TINS OF PAINT RANGING FROM 250ML to 5 LITRES.The paint provided will be cellulose (solid) paint.

Please note that cellulose products are for industrial use and for vintage/classic cars only. Please state the purpose of use and vehicle registration number if you are painting a classic vehicle.

If you need to find the car paint colour code for your vintage or classic DAF you may find it in the table below.Autopaints Brighton has a record of the majority of original paint and colour codes for cars and commercial vehicles manufactured since 1945. Our technical department can research and provide you with the correct paint colour code for most vintage or classic vehicle restoration projects. We have listed some colours and codes below, and will be adding others until we have the full database of classic car paint codes available to access online.

vehicle paint colours from 1945 and if yours is not listed please call us on allOur technical department keep archived documents relating to 01273 326981  or email us at  autopaintsbrighton@btconnect.com The service is totally FREE, but ask that you allow up to 3 working days for us to research your code.

If you already know the correct paint code for your vehicle and would like to purchase a classic or vintage colour please use the menu below to select the exact paint colour and amount of paint require. 

Name of Colour Paint Code Year    Name of Colour Paint Code Year 
BEIGES        BLUES    



  Akwalo    66-69
Corona 101 74-75   Azula 504 66-75


67-72   Doblina 507 69-72
Suede 105


Tabina  802  69-72    Helios   65-71 


  Libluna 509   70-71
Terrana  803  72-75   Nautina    
GREENS       REDS    
Averto  612 72-75    Bergina  153 77 
Dagreno    67-69   Bergina  313  72-75
Foresta  608  69-72   Coraldo    60-75
Foresto    66-70   Estona  311  72-75
Jadella    66-69   Inferno    72-75
Paduso    64-67   Rolita  305  67-69
Reseda    74-75   Rolita Mk.Ii    66-71
Serpenta  61  78   Rosita  310  69-72
Serpenta/RD  61  76   Rubila    66-67
Toendra  611  72-75   Rubila    
GREYS       WHITES    
Antrasio   67-69    Kobina   107 69-76 
Deserto    64-65        
Dustex    60        
Dustexa  704  63-75        
Satina  706  65        
Satuna  708  70-71        


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