HB BODY 989 EPOXY PRIMER  4 LT (Various Colours)

HB BODY 989 EPOXY PRIMER 4 LT (Various Colours)

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HB BODY 989 EPOXY PRIMER  4 LT (Various Colours)

High performance 2K epoxy primer with anti-corrosive properties. Excellent sealing, adhesion and filling abilities. Resistant to extreme weather conditions. Suitable for application over old paints, non sanded bare metal, aluminium, stainless steel and zinc surfaces. 4:1 mixing ratio with 989 Epoxy Hardener. It can be diluted with 775 Epoxy Thinner or 740 Acryl Normal Thinner (reducer) at 25% and applied by a spray gun of 1,5 - 1,8mm nozzle.


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