Jaguar Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

Jaguar Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

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JAGUAR - WE CAN SUPPLY CLASSIC OR VINTAGE PAINT IN either a 400ml AEROSOL or in TINS OF PAINT RANGING FROM 250ML to 5 LITRES. The paint provided will be cellulose (solid) paint.

Please note that cellulose products are for industrial use and for vintage/classic cars only. Please state the purpose of use and vehicle registration number if you are painting a classic vehicle.

If you need to find the car paint colour code for your vintage or classic Jaguar you may find it in the table below. Autopaints Brighton has a record of the majority of original paint and colour codes for cars and commercial vehicles manufactured since 1945. Our technical department can research and provide you with the correct paint colour code for most vintage or classic vehicle restoration projects as they keep archived documents relating to all vehicle paint colours from 1945 and if yours is not listed please call us on 01273 326981 or email us at   The service is totally FREE, but ask that you allow up to 3 working days for us to research your code.

If you already know the correct paint code for your vehicle and would like to purchase a classic or vintage colour, please use the menu below to select the exact paint colour and amount of paint required. 

Name of Colour Paint Code Year    Name of Colour Paint Code Year 
BEIGES       GREEN    

Ascot fawn


  April Green  HEA/294 78-80 
Bikini brown --   British Racing Green 65-71
Carriage brown ADS/262 76-78   British Racing Green 67-70
Golden nugget


  British Racing Green    67-70
Honey beige    67-68   British Racing Green    67-70
Mink  DDC/277  76-77   British Racing Green  HDJ/254  70-78
Moroccan beige  BDB/267  77-78   Dark Green  HEH/318  77
Opalesent bronze    65-71   Greensand  FDA/252  72-77
Opalesent golden sand    65-71   Juniper Green  HDM/264  77-78
Sable  ADR/259  68-77   Larch Green    77
BLUES       Mistletoe  HDK/278 76-81 
Aegean blue  JDF  72-77   Opalescent Dk Green    65-71
Azure blue  JDN  72-75   Racing Green  HDN/281  78
Biascan blue  JEE/273  76   Racing Green/DK  HDN/281  78
Cobalt blue JDM/286  78   Racing Green/GN  HDN/281  78
Cotswold blue    51-63   Sherwood Green/LT   65 
Dark blue       Suede Green    69
Dark blue    64-66   Willow Green   66-67 
Dark blue  JDG/255  64-77   GREYS  
Flag blue       Alpine Grey     75-79
French blue  JDA  72-75   Battleship Grey    47-56
Indigo blue    65-71   Black PDE/373   80
lavender blue  JDH/256  72-77   Black/BR  PDE/373  80
Light blue    68-72   Carlton Grey  LDC  73-75
Mountain blue    73-75   Carlton Grey  LDC/324  73-77
Ocean blue    74-77   Cornish Grey    57-60
Opalesent blue    65-71   Fern Grey  HDH/253  72-77
Opalesent silver blue    65-71   Mist Grey   57-61 
Quatz  JEA/291  77-78   Opalescent Gunmetal    65-66
Squadron blue  JDJ/265  76-78   Opalescent Silver Grey   65-71 
Turquoise    72-73   Opalescent Silver Grey    69-75
REDS       Pearl grey    60-64
Amethyst KDB/274  78-81    Pearl Grey    54-61
Aubergine  TDB  73-77   Sage  HDG  72-77
Carmen Red    58-68   Silver Frost  MDD/216  78-80
Claret 57-60 Silver Frost/DK MDD/216 75
Claret 57-63 Silver Grey MDB/260 79
Coral EDA/279 72-77 Warwick Grey 64-72
Damson Red CDG/211 78-79 WHITES
Damson Red/DK CDG/211 78 Cream 268 78
Heather KDA 72-75 Old English white 65-70
Imperial Maroon 57-63 Old English white NDB/250 70-78
Marron Limousine 75-77 Old English White/LT NDB/250 70-78
Morello TDA 72-77 Porcelain White 68
Opalescent Light Maroon 65-71 Tudor White NDC/215 78-86
Red 50-59 YELLOWS
Regency Red TDD/257 68-77 Cotswold Yellow FDE/212 78
Regency Red/DK TDD/257 69-77 Pale Primrose FDB/251 65
Sebring red  CDJ/287  77   Yellow Gold  FDD/266  77
Signal Red  CDF/258  69-78        
Signal Red/DK CDF/258 69-78
Tangerine 68-70


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