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Max Meyer 0300 2K HS Clear Coat 5L

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Product Code: 1.360.0300
Product Description

Max Meyer 0300 2K HS Clear Coat 5L 

This product requires hardener, please see related products.
High quality clearcoat formulated to offer a high gloss finish over AQUAMAX® basecoat. This durable clearcoat provides you with a fast drying, easy to use offer with a simple 2:1 mixing ratio. Due to its high solid content, it saves on product whilst also offering excellent polishing characteristics. 

Available with 3 Hardener choices.  2740 provides the fastest process time at 60°C, 2730 can be used when a slower option is needed and 2720 which is suitable for applications in a low bake environment to provide optimum performance at temperatures of up to 30°C or when air drying is required.

Use it when you want to achieve a high gloss finish but need reduced process times. 

Features and Benefits

  1. Easy mixing: It's simple 2:1 ratio eases product use.
  2. Fast flash off: 0 – 5 minutes flash off before baking. Improving bodyshop throughput.
  3. Good polishing characteristics: Polishing is easy and can be carried out days after the product has been applied.
  4. High solid properties: Due to its high solid content, less product needs to be applied compared to a medium solid 
    to give the same film build. Saving on product usage for the bodyshop.
  5. Range of hardener options: Gives bodyshops flexibility for different types of repair.
  6. Robust Application Properties: Can be used successfully in a wide variety of bodyshop conditions all year round.
  7. Visit application: Improving process time and energy cost savings

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