Mipa 1L WBC Base Blend (Mipa Beispritzlack)

Mipa 1L WBC Base Blend (Mipa Beispritzlack)

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Mipa 1L WBC Base Blend (Mipa Beispritzlack)

Mipa Base Blend (Mipa Beispitzlack) is to be used with the Mipa Mirror glaze and the Mipa tints to achieve the candy colour effect on your car.

Technical details below to achieve Candy Colour Chrome effect.

The candy chrome effect is achieved using the Mipa Vicrom Mirror Glaze and Brilliant Design tinters to create an anodized chrome effect. The Mirror Glaze is ready for use and can be applied over either a gloss white or gloss black ground coat for varying effect. The Mirror Glaze must be applied in thin, light coats using a 0.8mm to 1.0mm set up to gain optimum results.

Apply a white or black basecoat depending on desired finish.

First coat- Apply the first coat of Mirror Glaze

*Flash off 8/10 minuets

Second coat- Apply the second coat of Mirror Glaze

*Flash off 8/10 minuets

Third coat- Apply the third coat of Mirror Glaze

*Flash off 40/45 minuets

Now apply a thin coat of Mipa WBC Beispritzlack (base blend)

*Flash off 5/10 minutes

The Brilliant Design tinted 2K Mipa clear coat may now be applied, with the maximum addition of the BD tinter being 5%. A range of candy colours can be achieved from the BD01(Yellow), BD03(Red) and BD05(Blue) tinters (i.e. blue and yellow to make green/ red and yellow to make orange etc)

For more information please contact Technical on 01273 326981 or email info@autopaintsbrighton.co.uk


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