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Mipa 2K CA Clear Coat for Bare Metal 1L

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Mipa 2K Clear Coat for Bare Metal 1L

Mipa 2K Lacquer Clear Coat for Bare Raw Metal such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium (hard and soft) and Galvanised Iron. 
High quality clearcoat that provides direct adhesion on ferrous metals.

Lacquer for bare metal is very popular amongst motorcycle owners as it offers great protection without having to paint over the metal.

Mipa 2K-Klarlack CA

2K-MS Clearcoat based on high quality acryl resins with UV-protection and direct adhesion to blank ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The application of Mipa 2K-Klarlack CA will have no influence on the original appearance of the substrate. Non yellowing.

Recommandation: The reddish shade of this product will disappear after application. Mipa 2K-Klarlack CA may be coloured with Mipa Brillant-Design or Mipa 2K-PUR-Autolack OC (addition max. 20%). Mipa 2K-Klarlack CA is not suitable for application as clearcoat on polished metals. More than that, before starting the application on special metal supports (such as very smooth and hard Eloxal coat), all necessary precautions should be taken to assure the direct adhesion to the substrate. 

Technical Information
  • Colour shade transparent
  • Mixing ratio 5 : 1 by volume Hardener Mipa 2K - Härter MS 10, MS 25 or MS 40
  • Thinners Mipa 2K - Verdünnung; add about 10%
  • Spraying viscosity 20° C 18 - 20 s 4 mm DIN
  • Application spraying pressure spraying nozzle spraying operations Air / Flowjar –
  • Spray gun 2 - 3 bar 1.4 mm 2 Airless / Airmix Pot life 6 - 8 h Coat thickness / dry film 40 - 50 mm Curing time / Flash off time 5 - 10 min. between the spraying operations Dry recoat time dust dry set to touch full hardness
Object temp.
20° C - Dust Dry 20 - 30 min - Set to touch 6 - 8 h -  Full Cure 24 h 
Object temp. 60° C Dust Dry  10 min - Set to touch 30 - 40 min Full Cure 1 - 2 h

You may only purchase non compliant 2K products if you intend to use them for industrial or agricultural uses and not for automotive purposes as this is now illegal. If purchasing 2K products we will ask you to confirm that you will be using a full face spray mask and breathing equipment and that you are aware of the poisonous nature of 2K products. When making a purchase we insist that you tick a box to state that you have read and understood these terms and conditions. Autopaints Brighton cannot be held liable for any incidents, legal proceedings and other repercussions if you use any of our 2K products. We trust our customers to be honest and fair and as such we are able to sell you 2K products in good faith. Complaint 2K products are available, please contact us for further information.

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