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Octoral PF345 Rapid Surfacer 11.285L Kit – White, Grey or Black

Air-dry in 20 minutes!

Kit contents:

PF345 Rapid Surfacer 3.785L - White, Black or Grey

TH345 Rapid Surfacer Thinner 5L

H345 Rapid Surfacer Hardener 2.5L

In the fast-paced world of car refinishing, two things are crucial: increased efficiency and cost effectiveness. As energy costs continue to rise, body shops are seeking ways to reduce reliance on spray booth usage. The priming process provides an opportunity to reduce this energy drain.

The new, innovative Octoral PF345 Rapid Surfacer offers an easy solution to these concerns. It eliminates the need for spray booth baking, helping to enhance process times and transform your overall workflow.

Air-drying power cuts drying time to just 15-20 minutes
Rapid drying times mean more jobs are completed in less time
Removes energy intensive baking + frees up spray booth capacity
Can eliminates the need for baking, save time and money
Built-in guide coat, removes the need for extra guide coat
•Features 3 shades for precise colour matching
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Octoral PF345 Rapid Surfacer 11.285L Kit – White, Grey or Black

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