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Octoral TA900 Fast Thinner 1L /5L 

Octoral TA900 Fast Uni ThinnerTA900 Fast Uni Thinner is a premium quality universal thinner. The Octoral range of thinners are easy to use and optimised to make the painter's job easier.Designed to give a premium thinning of all solvent borne products, including 2k Lacquers 2k Paints 2k Primers, Basecoat paints. Solves many problems spraying metallic basecoat colours, including - streaky silvers, blooming, reactions ect..Features• No blooming• No yellowing to whites, silvers & clearcoats• Less Aggressive than "budget" universal (recycled thinner)• More even atomisation• Proven brand quality.



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Octoral TA900 Fast Thinner 5L