Rover Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

Rover Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

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If you need to find the car paint colour code for your vintage or classic Rover you may find it in the table below. Autopaints Brighton has a record of the majority of original paint and colour codes for cars and commercial vehicles manufactured since 1945. Our technical department can research and provide you with the correct paint colour code for most vintage or classic vehicle restoration projects. We have listed some colours and codes below, and will be adding others until we have the full database of classic car paint codes available to access online.Our technical department keep archived documents relating to all vehicle paint colours from 1945 and if yours is not listed please call us on 01273 326981 or email us at The service is totally FREE, but ask that you allow up to 3 working days for us to research your code.The paint provided will be cellulose (solid) paint.

If you already know the correct paint code for your vehicle and would like to purchase a classic or vintage colour please use the menu below to select the exact paint colour and amount of paint required. 

Name of Colour Paint Code Year    Name of Colour Paint Code Year 
BEIGES       Sandglow  AMF/ACD/63  75-78

Alamo beige



  Sandy beige  BG15  61-69
Albatross beige BG20 65-71   Stone  BG14  61-69
Almond -- 70-75   Titian beige BG18  64-69
Antelope BLVC7


  Tobacco leaf  ACB/2B  68-75
Antique gold GMB/138 75-78    Warm beige  no code  --
Antique gold/GN GMB/138 75-78   Whitehall/nevada beige  BG4  59-69
Antique gold/RD GMB/138  75-78   BLUES    
Arianca beige  BG13   61-69   Admiralty blue  no code  66-74
Armadillo beige BG21   65-71   Alaskan blue  BU29  59-69
Aurora  DMA/43   65-69   Aqua  JMA/60


Bedouin SAA/4   70-72   Aquamarine blue  BU43  63/69
Beige   BG8 --   Astral blue  JMR/140  75-77
Bitter chocolate (trim)   CNC/625     Atlantic blue JCF/236  75-78
Bokhara  BMD/456  81   Azure blue  BU27  54-57
Bokhara (YW)  BMD/456  81   Basilica blue  BU11  66-68
Bracken  FME/93


  Bermuda blue  BU40  61-71
Brazil  AMD/109  73-78   Blue royale  BU38  70-71
Brazilia  ACM/214  75-78   Cambridge blue  BU34  --
Bronze  BMC/370  80-81   Capri blue  BU20  56-57
Bronze (MGB Special)    79-81   Caribbean blue  JCE/JMF/217  76-78
Brushwood (Trim)  AMV/605     Chalk blue  BU41  62-68
Champagne beige  BG1  56-65   Clipper blue  BU14  59-61
Chestnut  RD12  65-69   Conway blue  BU22  55-56
Dark stone beige (plastic int. trim)  SMJ/882  --   Corsica blue  no code  69-72
El paso beige  BG17  63-71   Cosmic blue  JMK/111  73-76
Fawn brown  RD26  67-71   Cosmo blue  BU49  67-69
Fuscous brown  RD25  67-68   Danube blue  BU48  65-71
Golden beige  BG19  66-69   Dark blue  BU24  58-67
Havest gold  GMA/19  71-76   Dominican blue  BU50  67-69
kashmir beige  BG2  56-60   Dynasty blue  BU30  60-63
Lagunda beige  BG16  64-65   Florentine blue  BU7  58-64
Light beige  BG12  59-67   Glacier blue  BU4  58-59
Light brown  no code  58-60   Honolulu  BU42  63-67
Mexico brown  ACC  71-75   Horizon blue  BU17  58-67
Oyster  MMA/229  77   Ice blue  BU18  63-66


 GR30  61-77   Ice blue  BU2  60-67
Pheonix beige BG7  --   Iris blue  BU12  58-65
Reynard  BMB/112  74-78   Island blue  BU8  57-69
Rheingold  BMA/29  72-75   Kingfisher blue  BU5  57-59


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