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SATA Clean RCS Micro Spraygun Quick Cleaning System (202564)

The pneumatically operated rapid cleaning system SATA clean RCS ensures quick, clean and comfortable between job spray gun cleaning with the use of disposable cup systems, such as SATA RPS.

Due to the high cleaning efficiency, colour changes require only extremely short cleaning interruptions. This optimises the painter’s work processes and the capacity utilisation of the spray booth, thus increasing the bodyshop profitability.

  • Rapid and safe colour change when using disposable cups, such as SATA RPS – even with critical changes, e.g. black/white
  • Thorough cleaning of both material passages and air cap
  • Saves time and increases productivity and profitability
  • Suitable for waterborne and solvent-based paint systems
  • Storage area for prepared RPS disposable cups
  • Recommended for wall-mounting inside the spray booth – saves valuable time
  • No disconnection or adjustment of the gun inlet pressure required, respectively, due to automatic pressure regulation when switching between “spraying” and “cleaning”
  • Optional: Conversion kit to connect large cleaning agent containers

Technical Specifications

  • Air Consumption Cleaning Process: ~140 N/min
  • Air Consumption Drying Process: ~130 N/min
  • Cleaning Agent Consumption Per Cleaning Process: ~140ml
  • Cleaning Time Per Colour Change: ~21 secs
  • Drying Time Per Colour Change: ~4 secs
  • Operating Pressure: min 4 bar, max 4 bar
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 185 x 465 x 205mm
  • Weight: 18kg


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SATA Clean RCS Micro Spraygun Quick Cleaning System

Product Code 202564