Triumph Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

Triumph Classic & Vintage Car Paint Cellulose Codes & Colours

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TRIUMPH - WE CAN SUPPLY CLASSIC OR VINTAGE PAINT IN either a 400ml AEROSOL or in TINS OF PAINT RANGING FROM 250ML to 5 LITRES. The paint provided will be cellulose (solid) paint.

Please note that cellulose products are for industrial use and for vintage/classic cars only. Please state the purpose of use and vehicle registration number if you are painting a classic vehicle.

If you need to find the car paint colour code for your vintage or classic Triumph you may find it in the table below. Autopaints Brighton has a record of the majority of original paint and colour codes for cars and commercial vehicles manufactured since 1945. Our technical department can research and provide you with the correct paint colour code for most vintage or classic vehicle restoration projects. We have listed some of the most popular Triumph paint colours and codes below, please check your code and then order your paint for the drop down menu below.

Our technical department keep archived documents relating to all vehicle paint colours from 1945 and if yours is not listed please call us on 01273 326981 or email us at The service is totally FREE, we would just like you to order the paint from us if you need some in the future! 

If you already know the correct paint code for your vehicle and would like to purchase a classic or vintage colour,please use the menu below to select the exact paint colour and amount of paint required. 

Name of Colour Paint Code Year    Name of Colour Paint Code Year 
BEIGES       Brooklands green  HAE/169  76-78




  Cactus green  15  63-67
Bokhara BMD/456 81   Conifer green 25 63-69
Bokhara/YW  BMD/456 81   Elfin green 54-56
Cashmere  GMD/422 


  Emerald  HAC/65  72-75
Honeysuckle NAD/39  72-77    Jade green    52-56
Maple 73 73-77    Java green  HAB/208/8  74-78
Maple/RD  AAC/83  73-77   Laurel green  55  69-71
Oyster  MAA/229 77    Lichfield  45  57-62
Reynard  GAB/112  74-78    Mallard  106  71-74
Russet Brown   AAE/205/93  76-81    Olive  35  63-67
Sand Glow AAJ/63 76-77    Poseiden green  HAF/281  78
Sienna 23  69-73    Racing green    56-61
        Tara green  HAD/148  76-77
Astral Blue JAF/140  7 5-77   Birch grey  66  
Comet Blue     Dolphin grey  48  65-71
Cornflower Blue     Gunmetal  18  63-69
Cotswold Blue   57    Lavender grey    
Delft Blue 136/JAB  74-77    Phantom grey  38  58-61
Denim Blue JAH/249  78-82    Silverstone grey    71
Flax Blue   Slate grey  68  68-72
French Blue JAA71  72-77    REDS    
Ice Blue JAC/116  72-75    Carmine  CAA/209/82  72-78
Meteor Blue   JAK223  80-84    Carnelian red  CDE/287  77
Moonraker   JNF/424  81-86    Cherry red  22  63-68
Nautilus JND/470 80-82   Damson  17  68-72
Pagent Blue   JAG/224 78    Flamenco  CAD/133  76-78
Powder Blue   58-62   Magenta  92  72-74
Renoir Blue 46  61-62    Pimento red  CAB/204/72  71-76
Royal Blue   56 68-68    Pink wisteria    
Royal Blue/LT 56  64-72    Signal red  32  54-71
Sapphire/GN  96 71-74    Targo purple    
Tahiti Blue   JAE/65/14  74-77    Vermillion  CAE/118 77
Valencia Blue   66  67-71    WHITES    
Wedgewood Blue   26  63-72    Nimbus white    58-61
Zircon Blue   JNJ/471  80-85    Pearl/ spa white    53-63
GREENS       Porcelain/leyland white  NCG/NAF/243  77
Apple green    66-67   Sebring white    59-62
British racing green  HAA/254/75  70-78    elasquez cream 61-62


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